– Videos of what is happening in our vineyard –

Great wine starts in the vineyard. Hear from our team about why our unique south Okanagan vineyards, historic Golden Mile Bench terroir, and sustainable viticulture practices help lay the foundation for distinctive and outstanding wines.

Join Sarah Lefebvre Hester Creek’s Communications & Wine Club Manager along with Terrafina Restaurant Chef Adair Scott and local beekeeper Shane on our winery’s living roof with its abundant natural vegetation and new colonies of honeybees. Although our vines do not require pollination to propagate (they are hermaphroditic), bees contribute to a healthy vineyard ecosystem encouraging greater biodiversity. Plus of course in the future look for Hester Creek’s honey in the delectable cuisine at our Terrafina Restaurant. Sweet!

For our second episode, join Hester Creek President Mark Sheridan in this illuminating video on the complexities behind planting a vineyard as we visit our new property near Sunflower Road in Oliver just 1 km from our Golden Mile Bench Estate.  In this session find out the importance of selecting the right terroir for the right grape varietals, how to design a vineyard, and how the land is like a jigsaw puzzle. Mark also discusses the various attributes of vine selection and growth from choosing the right  clones depending on your climate and soil conditions as well as style of wine you want to produce, to ensuring the best type of rootstock for the vine to help protect it from disease. And to finish off, we explore the life cycle of the vine from budburst through to when we can finally harvest our first crop three years later.