We take pride in our position as one of the pioneers of the Golden Mile Bench, located in the Okanagan Valley.

It is BC’s first sub-geographical indication “sub-GI” (or sub region) within the larger area of the Okanagan Valley. The Golden Mile Bench is situated on the western slope of the valley south of Oliver with a mostly southerly aspect, which provides a warm climate for growing premium grapes. Its location on the west side of the valley results in morning, rather than afternoon sunshine, with the mountains on the west side of the valley providing shade in the late afternoon. This benefits the vines at the height of summer when temperatures can reach 42°C and become too hot for the vines, where they will go into survival mode and “shut down”, which stops photosynthesis and the ripening process.



The area totals approximately 1500 acres, with 800 acres in vines over the sub-region’s 11 vineyards. The soils are mixed gravel, clay and rocks, which are entirely derived from the geological formations of nearby Mt. Kobau. There are four alluvial fans that are divided by four creeks that make up the sub-Gi including: Hester Creek, Reid, Testalinden, and Tinhorn Creek. These fans are conical which facilitates good air drainage. This factor along with the fact that the entire Bench is 40-100 metres above the valley floor makes it virtually frost free in the spring and fall, with 1,484 growing degree days on average.

The above magic combination of unique soil, climate and light that make up our distinctive terroir encourage the development of complex and intense flavours in our wine. No wonder it’s known as the Golden Mile Bench.