Looking for something fresh, simple and ever so flavourful to pull together at home? With our cooking classes at the winery temporarily on hiatus, we’ve launched a series of short virtual classes to enjoy in your own kitchen.

Pair this fresh Onion Gruyère Tart with the Character White for a lovely spring afternoon.

Join Hospitality Director Roger Gillespie in our winery demonstration kitchen as he shows you how to channel your inner Julia Child, with this classic Alsace, France inspired dish, an Onion Gruyère Tart. In only 10 minutes he demonstrates how to make a savoury, fluffy pie pastry topped with sweet caramelized onions, Swiss Gruyère, and fresh asparagus.  (Chef’s tip — for later in the summer when fresh asparagus is no longer in season, this is also delightful with sun gold tomatoes!)  We recommend pairing with our Character White wine, which is a blend of classic Alastian varietals Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer.  For a delicious and light afternoon lunch add an arugula and tomato salad. Bon appétit!

Join Chef Adair as he prepares spice rubs, an Espresso Lemon Salt and a Dried Morels Salt for grilling steaks on the barbecue, which imparts loads of flavour and a crispy crust. His chef tip this week, make sure to allow for a resting period that is 25% of the time that it took to cook the meat.

Learn how easy it is to make an Italian staple, Risotto. Terrafina Restaurant Chef Adair demonstrates how to quickly pull together a Lemon Thyme Risotto with common kitchen staples at home, along with providing helpful serving tips (don’t serve in a bowl or the risotto on the bottom will turn mushy!). Cook along with him and enjoy a glass of our bright and refreshing 2018 Sémillon.

For our first episode, join Hospitality Director Roger Gillespie in our winery demonstration kitchen as he shows you how to whip up homemade ricotta gnocchi with a sundried tomato cream sauce. In only 15 minutes he demonstrates how to socially distance your gnocchi while cooking, along with ensuring your sauce has enough wine, amongst other helpful tips. We recommend our Old Vines Trebbiano both in the recipe and in your glass, which beautifully compliments the savoury richness of this rustic Italian dish. Buon appetito!