Fun Facts about Hester Creek


Our current owner, Curt Garland, purchased Hester Creek in 2004. The Villa was built shortly after Curt’s purchase and opened in 2007.

The 22,000 sq.ft. Tuscan inspired winery and guest centre was opened in September 2009 and our old tasting room was renovated into what is now Terrafina Restaurant, which opened in 2011.

Vineyard History

Our current estate is 105 acres with some vines dating back to a planting in 1968. The Cabernet Franc Block 3, Trebbiano Block 16 and Pinot Blanc Blocks 4 and 9 are still producing amazing wines today.

There are a few vines growing on the patio at Terrafina: Pearl Csaba, Interlochen, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay, these were planted in the early 1970’s along with much of the original vineyard.

At present, we are the only winery in the Okanagan producing Trebbiano as a single varietal table wine. Trebbiano is one of the most planted white wine grapes in the world however, most of the production goes into cognac, brandy and balsamic vinegar.

One Acre:

5 tons of grapes
12.5 barrels
305 cases
3,660 bottles
18,300 glasses

One Barrel:

800 pounds of grapes
24.4 cases
293 bottles
1,465 glasses

One Case:

32.7 pounds of grapes
12 bottles
60 glasses

One Bottle:

2.7 pounds of grapes
5 glasses