Brooke Jesus

Assistant Winemaker

Born and raised in Oliver, BC, Brooke is no stranger to Okanagan wine and has seen the industry grow over her lifetime. Shortly after high school, Brooke travelled to Europe where she explored 11 countries before moving back to the Okanagan Valley in 2017. It was at this time that she began to reflect on the history of her hometown and the vineyards and wineries that made the region famous. This inspired her to pursue a career in wine, starting first in a tasting room, and promptly moving to the cellar where she found the perfect balance of being connected with nature, doing manual labour and attending social, wine-related events. Brooke loves every part of her job, from the chaos of harvest to the final product of tasting wine at the dinner table surrounded by friends. With an education that includes WSET and the Winemaking Certification from the University of California, Davis, Brooke was looking for a winemaking job with a company that provided a positive, safe and motivational environment. This is what brought her to Hester Creek in the summer of 2023. In her spare time, Brooke has become an accomplished triathlete and marathon runner. She also enjoys yoga, travelling and hiking with her dog, Rogue.